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How to Fix the Operating System of iOS Devices

Have you ever come up against your phone ‘White Screen’, continuously looping recovery mode or abnormal operating mode? Maybe the answer is no. But this article is still helpful and useful.

You May Encounter Problems

  • White Screen
  • David saied that“I tried few of the solutions available on web to fix my iphone 5S 32GB.I had done some RND to the phone and had played for jailbreaking my phone couple of times....Phone is out of warranty and opened by a local vendor and hence cannot be replaced. Solution I had tried to fix: 1) Rebooted it more than 100 times, hard reset, soft reset, DFU mode, recovery mode...but white screen still persists. 2) Went to a local iPhone vendor and he tried to fix it by replacing it with a new LCD display, it didn't fixed it. 3) Local Vendor suggested me that the LCD display IC has been corrupted, heard something new from him as I couldn;t find a LCD Display IC on web for an iPhone 5S 4) No my phone is back with me and I tried to restore it with itunes and it says "iPhone cannot be restored, unknown error". Should I trash it or it can be usuable....”
  • Loop Recovery Mode
  • Had a jailbroken iphone 4s running 5.0.1 for a long time. Did not have any blobs saved. Thought I would upgrade to ios 7.0.4 and jailbreak with the new Evasi0n tool, and tried to update through the 'settings' icon. Since then the phone has gone into an endless recovery loop. Tried fixing it by restoring in iTunes, but it errors out (unknown error (21)). Tried everything like kicking it out of recovery in TinyUmbrella, Redsn0w, iFaith, etc., Nothing seems to help and I am still on the USB arrow iTunes picture on the phone. There is a lot of tutorials on how to get into DFU mode, but nothing I could find on getting into DFU when in an 'unkickable recovery' like mine. Any suggestions? Could I have bricked the phone permanently? Thanks.”
    If your iphone is ‘White Screen’, continuously looping recovery mode, abnormal operating mode,etc. Here's how to get back your iphone which was abnormal by dr.fone. Fix it within only 4 simple steps just as easy as 1-2-3-4.

    1.Step1: Connect the device

    Run the software on your computer, and connect your device (eg. Iphone 4s). Then you'll see the window

    2.Step2: Download firmware package manually

    3.:Select the iOS firmware

    4.Repair operating system

    Repair Operating System feature to have it fixed with less than 10 minutes.

    1.No data will be lost using this function
    2.iOS will update to the lastest version after restoring
    3.Will re-lock unlocked devices
    4.Devie will restrore to non-jailbroken state after restroing


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